How do I order online

There are two methods to place your order online

1.       QUICK ORDER

Just select the option of Quick Order, enter and select your required product in search list one by one. Choose the finished shopping. Sum up the bill please option. It’s simple but very suitable for members only as we already have their details after they log in.


Select the option of Shopping Cart. Choose the products you want to buy from our catalogue book’s wide range of categories with subcategories over a hundred brands products. Just experience practical selection in Mumtaz Online Mart website. As you select any product it will move to your cart. During selection you can deselect any product from the cart by clicking cross button on every selected product.  After you finish shopping  just request for the grand total. A form appears afterwards. Fill it correctly in serious observation. At the end click place order button. Wait for confirmation message from us through email, then our services starts right after confirmation.